Monday, August 13, 2018

Nice Guys Finish Third

Gratitude for those who voted for Copper Cat Studio for best Art Class in Reno News & Review's Best of Northern Nevada 2018! After last year's ballot stuffing that awarded Famous Dave's (yes the chain) best for everything including best chef, best waiter, best appetizer, best bloody mary and more...even best margarita (yeah right), I kind of boycotted the whole thing. I didn't even realize that the first round of the competition was even happening until the last day of voting. During the second round I chose not to campaign to get votes just to see what might happen. I did this for the reasons above, as well as that I'm hesitant to cast our net too wide to get people to come to our studio. Recently, someone from one of the local news stations called to try to get me to buy advertising. I told her I don't advertise and besides I don't want to promote on that kind of scale. She said, Oh we can work with any budget. Then I had to explain that it wasn't a money thing, but
that we are a small word of mouth kind of place that doesn't have a problem filling our classes and I want to keep it that way. The energy here is amazing and we don't have problem customers. We truly attract the right people. I like the people that come to our workshops, so I'm likely to like their friends, and so on. I've always held that belief, even when I was working out of my home studio, that if one student showed up, then for some reason they needed a private lesson. Much of the time, they needed a safe place to be able to talk and we ended up connecting on a deeper level than if we had a room full of people. If it were two students that showed up, there was something in common with them that they were meant to connect. And so on. I am blessed to say many of my students have become friends that I deeply care about. We have anywhere from 8-15 classes, with a total of 30-75 students through the studio in any given month. We don't allow alcohol. Our teachers are professional artisans who exude enthusiasm and passion for their craft and who are exceptional teachers. It's kind of cool that we are a hidden gem and we got third place behind two places that can accommodate those numbers in a couple of classes. Congrats to Picasso & Wine and Pinot's Palette. I know the owners of both (I even painted the “Van Gogh Beach Scene” at Pinot's Palette) and they have paved the way for people in our community to learn what being creative can do for the soul. So thank you to all who voted and who gave a nod to Copper Cat Studio. Hoping that will bring more of our people together at the studio. Namaste

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