Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Lazy Days of Summer...YEAH RIGHT!

I have been absent way too long from my well-intentioned goal of blogging.  However, I am happy to have had such a jam-packed summer!  Thanks to all who came out to visit me at my many events.   From Reno to Kirkwood to Lake Tahoe to Carson to Sparks it has been a fun whirlwind of shows and festivals.  I am taking September to regroup and then it starts again in October with fall and holiday shows, six events already booked!  Below are some pictures of my booth at some of the shows this summer.  I know, rough life, huh?

Art in the Lake Tahoe Garden

Lavender Ridge

Wildflower Festival at Kirkwood Resort, CA

So, my goal this next month is to get more in the habit of blogging, because besides all of the festivals, I've created some really fun custom projects that I need to catch up on posting!