Tuesday, March 6, 2012


This has been an odd winter in Northern Nevada, due to the fact that we haven't had much of a winter down here in the valley.   Our poor confused trees are starting to bud, flowers are emerging out of the cold ground and fresh grass is even is even starting to pop through the dry remnants of last years lawn.  In the past 24 hours we have gone from sunny 70 degrees to howling wind and snow flurries.  Everyone on TV and various social media sites have been talking about spring, but it's just hard to think about when we've barely had a dusting of snow here and there.  And with our crazy weather, snow is a possibility for the next three months- last year I followed the tested rule, don't plant your tomatoes until all of the snow is off Peavine, and low and behold we had snow in June and I finally planted my tomatoes July 4th weekend! Before I had started planting, I had gotten pictures of my family in Alabama's overabundant crops, piles and piles of tomatoes.  I was so jealous.  Anyway, this story does have a point.... GARDEN MARKERS!

Stamping the clay for the markers

On this blustery snowy day I've been working away in my studio creating Herb & Vegetable Markers.  Even though the weather has been crazily unpredictable, people are starting to think about their gardens and even start their seeds indoors. This is the third year I have been creating my Garden Markers and they are always a hit!  Every show I go to, I always get great suggestions.  Right now my collection has about 40 varieties and is still growing.  New for this kiln round is Catnip, an idea from my favorite group of gals who come to the studio for private mosaic classes.  Last year I had someone request a set of specialized peppers- Anaheim, Jalapeno, Mexibell and Poblano.  I even had some friends that planted a rose garden and wanted each of the bushes labeled accordingly- those were some funny names!  My favorite is a set of two that say Fairy Crossing.  I always have a couple of those in stock :)

These Garden Markers make a unique gift for the gardener in your life.  I know several of my clients have their own mini-supply of them on hand to give as hostess gifts.  I recycle silverware so no two pieces will ever be alike.  I try to find unique pieces and the more flowery, the better!  I use stoneware that is fired to cone 6 and I use a cement adhesive, so they will hold up to the best that Mother Nature will throw at you.  I use two different fonts and two different finishes, so you can get a variety or have them all match, it's up to you!  They are $5 each, no minimum order required. Please contact me to see what I have in stock and if we need to do a special order, it'll be about a week longer to process.  There is a link to my Etsy store on the side bar of this blog or contact me through my website.


Rose Garden Markers